A taste of Bequia Island life

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Things to Do in Bequia

Posted 6 years ago

Bequia (pronounced “Bek-way”) is the second largest island in the Grenadines. It is, however, quite small – with a population of just 4,300. Perhaps this is why the islanders have a reputation for being so friendly and easy-going: big populations can disconnect people from each other. Having said this, Bequia is no sleepy village. Its visitors enjoy a wealth of exciting and inspiring activities, some of which we’ll detail in this post.

Sailing/Water Sports

It’d be a crime to miss out on gliding over some of the world’s most beautiful waters. The trade winds bring cool breezes to Bequia year-round, which is perfect for windsurfers. While windsurfing may be a more hands-on way of appreciating the ocean, you can also experience it by booking a schooner cruise. Many of these will supply your group with freshly-cooked food throughout the day – allowing you to extend your experience out on the water. These cruises allow you to explore neighbouring beaches and breath-taking views, dive, dolphin-spot, indulge in local delicacies and much more.


To fully immerse themselves in Bequia, visitors should fully immerse themselves in its waters. You can hire snorkels and diving equipment from well-trained instructors who will point you to the best spots. This is an incredible opportunity to see weird and wonderful marine life in unspoiled coral reefs. Swim with hawksbill sea turtles, get up close and personal with seahorses, keep eyes out for elusive octopi, bizarre frogfish and much more. An absolutely unforgettable experience.

Princess Margaret Beach

Bequia is famed for its stunning beaches, and Princess Margaret beach is one of the best. Because day-time temperatures can vary between approximately 24 and 30 degrees Celsius throughout the year, this is your opportunity to soak up some rays.  If you struggle with high temperatures, don’t worry – you’ll be surrounded by crystalline waters, trade wind breezes and shady rainforest trees to keep you cool. Princess Margaret beach is hard to access, so you’ll likely need to get a water-taxi, but this only increases the peace and quiet you can enjoy once you’re there.


So, you’ve seen Bequia underwater and at sea level, but you won’t get a better view until you go a little higher. Thankfully, Bequia also has gorgeous, forest covered hills and hiking trails. The highest accessible point is Mount Pleasant, which has stunning views of the southern Grenadines. Keep an eye out for flora and fauna on the way – hummingbirds dart happily around the island. There are other birds, common and green iguanas, a wealth of vibrant, tropical flowers and much more to see.

Art & Culture

Despite Bequia’s size and remoteness, it still has plenty of arts and culture to appreciate. There are many lively, vibrant bars and restaurants, where you can enjoy cocktails and local delicacies. There are also galleries, such as Claude Victorine’s Art Studio. She has kept up the island tradition of silk painting using gutta (a thick, rubbery substance), brushes and colourful ink. Another tradition, boat building, has been being paid tribute to by “The Sargeant Brothers” for over 50 years. They use simple tools to transform wood from gum, white pine and mahogany trees into spectacularly detailed miniatures of real ships.

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