About Bequia

Bequia, "Island of the Clouds", is a true gem of the Grenadines, nestled between St Vincent and Mustique.

It has an easy and relaxed atmosphere, and the local people are absolutely charming. 

Conversations here start with a smile and a “good morning”. This enchanting island still retains traditional courtesy and polite approaches, often missing in modern society.

Don’t come to Bequia if you're looking for designer boutiques and shops.

Do come if you want to see the real Caribbean at its unspoiled, relaxed and laid-back best.

Pack your bathing suit, sun cream and flip flops.

Image of Bequia
Image of Bequia

Getting to Bequia

There are a number of easy ways to get to Bequia to start your dream holiday.

  • ​Air: Fly direct from Barbados or St Lucia.  It takes 45 minutes and connects with British Airways, Virgin, Jet Blue and American Airlines.
  • Private Air Charter: These can be arranged from Barbados, Canouan, St Vincent and St Lucia.
  • Air and Ferry: A beautiful way to arrive allowing you to enjoy even more of the stunning views. Fly with LIAT (Leeward Islands Air Transport) to St Vincent and then ferry across to Bequia.

For all your travel needs the Sunbird team will help you to organise your arrival and departure.

As soon as you arrive in St Vincent or Bequia you'll be met by the Sunbird team.

Getting around Bequia

We drive on the left. You'll need a local driving license. It's inexpensive to get one and can be arranged in advance by the team here at Sunbird.

Car hire is widely available and you can expect to pay around USD 50 per day.

Taxis are also frequent and represent good value. Don't be afraid to negotiate with the driver.

Image of Bequia
Image of Bequia

Eating out in Bequia

There are many small bars and restaurants lining the waterside in Bequia. On the other side of the island you'll find Firefly, a sister boutique hotel and restaurant to Firefly on Mustique Island.

The local currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (ECD), which has a fixed rate of exchange of 1USD to 2.70 ECD, although the US dollar is widely accepted. Credit cards may also be accepted in some locations. There is a bank ATM on the island.

Message from the Owner

People often ask "Why Bequia?"

For over 35 years, I have lived and worked throughout The Caribbean. In that time, I've traveled to every single island. 

Nowhere is there a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere than on Bequia,

Everyone who has been to Bequia nods in an understanding, unspoken way - you just know why. 

The island is lush, green and unspoiled by large hotels and casinos. There simply aren’t any here. 

Even in peak season, the beaches are not crowded. The people are helpful and charming. Safe? Crime is virtually unheard of here.

The views are spectacular and the fishing is out of this world. 

Snorkeling, diving, sailing and fishing ... relax. You're home now. 

Welcome to Bequia. 

Image of Bequia